Intuitive Lenormand Reading Number 2

Intuitive Lenormand Free Reading Number 2
Gilded Reverie Lenormand


The question for the Lenormand cards in reading number 2 is:

Hi want to ask how is 2018 going to be like for me

This question is a bit too big for a 3-card draw so I have asked the cards to highlight an issue next year that you could do with a heads up on.

What I’m shown is a situation that could potentially cause quite a lot of worry – especially as you feel it is karmic or fated. Please understand that you have more freedom than you give yourself and the Universe credit for.

Watch your self-talk and avoid going into a self-pity mode over your situation which I feel concerns a relationship. It could be your own most intimate relationship or some form of triangulation where you or another female is the ‘other woman.’

However, because the main card in this reading is clouds, it is possible that most of what seems to be going on is happening mostly in your mind or is exaggerated wildly by your own thoughts. Talk it over with a friend to get a more objective view. Also, fact-check any messages you get before you start stirring things up in your mind.

If you want to try a free Intuitive Lenormand 3-card reading, you need to send your question in. You can expect a wait before I get to your reading since the free reading requests have started coming in now.

Paid for reading orders always have priority over free reading requests. A three-card Lenormand reading via email is only £5.



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