Intuitive Lenormand Reading Number 15

FREE Intuitive Lenormand Reading Number 15
Gilded Reverie Lenormand

For FREE Intuitive Lenormand reading number 15, we have a question about whether to stay with a partner or not. Is it for the Seeker’s highest good to stay with them? Let’s put this question to the Lennies:

Is staying with my partner valuable for my highest good? thank-you Lisa

For this reading, we have Coffin + Clouds + Ship

The cards never tell you what to do but let’s put it this way: Staying will bring more confusion; Leaving will clear the confusion and help you move on toward a brighter tomorrow.

Only you know if the love you have for this person is worth the confusion (head fuck even?) and sadness that comes with being in a relationship where you do not feel fully appreciated.

Staying and leaving can BOTH be for your highest good. Whether or not outside circumstances are for our highest good, depends on what is in our hearts.

If someone chooses to sacrifice their own needs for the other person by staying, out of love and because it makes their heart glad to do so, then THAT would be for the Highest Good.

If someone chooses to leave because they realise that they are in a codependent relationship and that it would be kinder to be ‘cruel’ and leave the person who is addicted to hit rock bottom and begin the long journey toward recovery, then THAT would be for the Highest Good.

In the end, ANY situation we learn from and that makes is wiser in the end is for the Highest Good.

“The hottest love has the coldest end.”
— Socrates



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